Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Sewing: Embroidery for the (Very) First Time

I have been playing around with embroidery this week.

On the first day, I taught myself satin stitch, fly stitch, and stem stitch from a book by Kelly Fletcher. (Just find someone who explains things the way they make sense to you, KF was a good fit for me).

On day two, I learned detached chain stitch and chain stitch. (Dark green)

I tried learning two types of knots (french and bullion) but I haven't had enough practice.
I did cross-stitch for the light blue knots and double stitch for the blue flowers which were supposed to be bullion knots.

I'm going to keep practicing. In the mean time I like how it turned out regardless.

I tried to keep my kids busy while I was sewing, so I drew some pictures on huge pad of sketch paper and had them work on coloring and decorating them. That was actually pretty fun for them.

I bought these books from the downtown library... can't wait to add to my shelf (and dig in when I have time! Too many books on my TBR especially *newer* releases!)

Monday, May 7, 2018

Sewing Pillows For Our Kids' Bunkroom Reno

In the long process of waiting for our renovations to become complete, I have busied myself with plans for the decoration of our new space: the upstairs bedrooms, and new playroom, and the exercise equipment room.

Also, a huge stress reliever has been this Vera Bradley coloring book and these pens.  (Highly recommend!)

We decided to do a color scheme of peach, gray, and mint green.  I am very excited about the quilts we picked out. The walls will be white, so we wanted pops of color in our accent pieces.  This includes pillows, lamps, and the quilts on the beds. We are trying to keep the design very simple, and that is definitely by design!

I have made several envelope pillow covers over the years, so I thought it would be fun to cover some of the old pillows we have but don't use anymore.

Enter the Little, Long Pillows:

I saved the photos of our bedspreads and sconces, and compared the fabric to the pictures I had on my phone as I was buying.  As I looked longer at the sconces, I really felt like we would need some turquoise to tie it all together. Also, pale pink.  So just remember: the pillows don't have to be matchy-matchy. As long as they bring out the colors you're *actually* using, you can be creative and find or make more pillows to tie together the nuances in your statement pieces (for us that is lamps and quilts).

Want to make one?


1. Pick fabric.

2. Measure and cut. Make sure they are uniform. I based the measurements loosely on a pillow we already had with stripes just like this!

3. Iron out flat.

various types of interlocking seams

4. Putting right sides together, sew strips together, each one the same way or turn the ends and use an interlocking seam.

5. Iron the patchwork cover flat as you go, and a once-over at the end.

6. Make your envelope pillow cover. (With the sewing machine that you found the cord for....)  😲

Here's a picture of our design color scheme for the bunk rooms upstairs!  haha.  The sconces, built-ins with white walls, and quilts are all exact replicas (photos) of what we are getting. The pillow is there to show the color scheme and how the pillows will tie it all together.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Exploring Color: Watercolor and Adult Coloring Books


So I'll start by saying that I have had a long-standing love affair with art stores, crafts stores, and pinning random things on Pinterest!

I of course am starting this blog to help organize my thoughts, but also to get down on paper the ideas I have in my head.

I'll start by saying that the process of falling in love with color has been a long process, but one that ultimately has led to me to many happy experiments! Nothing wrong with that. :)

Experiments in Color

Adult Coloring Books

My love of coloring has blossomed because of the adult coloring movement.  I have always been a huge fan of pens. In middle school, it was gel pens and those infamous "gelly roll" pens.  haha! Then, in high school I was obsessed with journalling, and my obsession's flame was fanned with



As an adult, I started playing around with different journals and varying pens, sometimes finding ones I liked or enjoyed using.  However, only

THESE COLORING PENS  made me happy !

Recently I have discovered the beauty of brush markers, and I'm absolutely smitten. Of course there is no magic wand, but when it comes to adult coloring books, these markers are the closest you can get. They're the best!


In terms of fine line drawing and fine art sketching, I'm still pretty basic.  I like drawing in fine-tip so these pencils work for me and these pens, once again (because) they are  MAGIC.

I've had a little bit of success with drawing and combining that with watercolor.


I moved from Crayola Watercolor to this set of many colors  this watercolor set  (I think it was from) Michael's when I was a newlywed.

I then this one which is REALLY fun, but honestly that is as far as I have gotten, but I do LOVE them!

This is the piece of art I created with that set of paints! ;-)

How about you? Do you like art yourself? What types of art are you able to focus your energy on? Tell me about your favorite tools in the comments! :)




This is a humble place where I will explore all things crafty and artsy! I am super excited about this new adventure and I'm so very glad you are here.

My interests are included to but not limited to:

Floral Arrangements and Wreath-making
Home Decor

I hope that over time I will be able to try new things. This list is by no means exhaustive.

There are a million things I want to try and have yet to!

I think that this list might feel too broad, and that we can't ever master something if we dabble in too many mediums. I think, however, that my desire and the purpose for this blog is to grow, and that means trying new things.  I want to see improvement over a vast area of mediums so that I can experiment with making beautiful things. That doesn't mean I don't carry into the other mediums the things I have learned from each and every experiment and project.

There is one thing that this blog will *not* cover, and that is any kind of creativity that involves food or the kitchen. I will talk about recipes and food and making that involves baking or cooking in a different location.

I hope that this becomes a place to learn, explore, discover, be creative, and be inspired by beautiful things.  Happy crafting! Blessings--

Sewing: Embroidery for the (Very) First Time

I have been playing around with embroidery this week. On the first day, I taught myself satin stitch, fly stitch, and stem stitch fro...